Learning more about English Language.

The people who visit my blog with frequency, have seen I Writing in English. 8)
Yes, as i have said, i’m have studied all days, whenever i can.
And I have seen my english be better, day after day.
But of course, my way yet is longer.
Then, I always try something, all day, during my work. And always i find very good materials.
Today, while surfing in the internet, I found a WebSite speakind on “The 7 Worse Errors of the Brazilian People”.

Great Material…
Good Teacher…
Good Expllanation about this subject…
Watch this video and you also learn more about the English language… 😉

Mundo Vestibular

  1. 30 de November de 2008 at 2:28 am

    Eu tentei te ligar um montao de vezes pra te dizer I LOVE YOU and
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, but, your line is always busy.
    Come on silly boy!
    Te chamo amannha outra vez,

    Love you (DE MONTAO)

  2. 30 de November de 2008 at 2:35 am

    Nem um email eh possivel a sua caixa de mensagem no Gmail esta cheia.
    Come on silly boy! Esvazia esta caixa de mensagens.
    Um beijo outra vez.

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