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Les Claypool and Primus…

As my some friends know, I play bass… 8)
Yes, today I don’t play more like before…
Today I don’t have more time for this…
But, I started think about this, in do this, on 2003.
A little bit more ten years ago…

Well, I started with this because this band… Primus.

In my opinion, by the group, by the band, This is the Best Band of All the Times! 8)

The songs of they are very complete, still with three people in your formation.

By the way, a fact important about this band: Others people played in this band.
But, this band was made, on the original formation, by Les Claypool, on the bass and vocal, Larry “Ler” LaLonde like guitarrist and with Tim “Herb” Alexander, on the drums…

This guys recorded some albums…
But details and all discography, You’ll see Clicking Here!

So, but why I decided talk about them?
Because today I found some interviews with Les Claypool.
Between these interviews, One I didn’t watched…

It have two parties, where Les talk for us about fishing and music…
Thing calm and pleasant… for all family…
Do you understand me? 8)


I don’t need write so much about them, because the videos bellow will show for us everything about this great band.

So, stop all you is doing and came watch with us until the end…

Amazing! 8)

Les Claypool Interview and Fishing – Part #1

Les Claypool Interview and Fishing – Part #2

To Defy the Laws of Tradition

Greet the Sacred Cow

Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver

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