The People who believe in Change the World.

Yes, really there these people!
We’re often reading (or watching, listening to, so on…) something about how some people are trying to change the world.
Some people can do big things, which is necessary a lot of money…
Some people can do great things, which you don’t need spend much money, but bring to you the same result or better.
Yes, it’s really true, You don’t need do what you cannot do, You know?
Just think a lot about what you want to change, make a great plan and go ahead.

By the way, if you feel desire for do something related world a better place, don’t think, just find a lot about what you want and go ahead! It’s called: ATTITUDE! 8)

Well, go ahead for this way, I want talk about a person who are working as a Teacher.
But He isn’t a conventional teacher, He is teaching the Kids walk of Skateboard! 8)
Do you think it’s normal?
Ok… In part I agree with You…
But the more interesting; This happens in Kabul!!! 😀
Really awesome, isn’t?

So, the teacher’s name is Oliver Percovich.
He started teaching skateboarding to Afghan kids in 2007 and, since then, has been able to integrate boys and girls in the same sport activity – an outstanding feat, considering the strict gender segregation of the local culture.
This part of text above, I copied of here. 🙂
I want to avoid fatigue. 😛

Look, I think that you such read this news, also watch this movie below.
It’s really important and inspiring.
So, I’ll let you do it. 😉

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