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He-Man: Diamond Ray Of Disappearance – (*ESL)

1 de August de 2009 Leave a comment

Well, I bring to You, One of the better cartoons all of the times; He-Man. 8)
Hunf, sure, first, I hope that you Like it as me, do you like?

So, as We were talking about, what we like a lot, why can’t We take advantage and talk a little bit in English, hum? 🙂
Let’s talk in English and really learn this fantastic language, looking for a new deals, grow up in many aspects!

Come on!!!

So, this cartoons is really awesome!
I don’t remember of all my life who is before when I was a kid, of course, but I remember this cartoon very well.
It’s came with for loong time… rssrs…
So, stay you are, don’t worry about nothing, turn off the light, take your can of Coke and really enjoy! 😀
I hope it…

Just an Important Point about a detail present here:
I’ll put together the Subject this Words ‘ (*ESL) ‘, always that I’m talking about Learn English Alone! Ok?
Do You know what It mean, is not?
English as a Second Language. 🙂

Because here, as a great example, I’m don’t just talking about this cartoon, but firstly, I’m talking about Learn and Improve your English. Are You understandig me?
Ok… I know you are… 😉
So, enjoy!

He-Man: Diamond Ray Of Disappearance


O dia em que a terra parou! (Mundo Canibal)

11 de June de 2009 Leave a comment

Ow tiu…
Dá uns trocado aê!
É pra ajudar minha família…

O quêêêêêê???
Só se for família de raaato, néééé?

Comédia demais…
Play, pls… 😉

Link e Relacionados: You Tube 😉

What's your fantasy?

26 de May de 2009 Leave a comment

As Fred told: (…)
It’s gonna be soo hot! 8)
Watch it… And, as I always say, improve your english! 😉