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He-Man: Diamond Ray Of Disappearance – (*ESL)

1 de August de 2009 Leave a comment

Well, I bring to You, One of the better cartoons all of the times; He-Man. 8)
Hunf, sure, first, I hope that you Like it as me, do you like?

So, as We were talking about, what we like a lot, why can’t We take advantage and talk a little bit in English, hum? 🙂
Let’s talk in English and really learn this fantastic language, looking for a new deals, grow up in many aspects!

Come on!!!

So, this cartoons is really awesome!
I don’t remember of all my life who is before when I was a kid, of course, but I remember this cartoon very well.
It’s came with for loong time… rssrs…
So, stay you are, don’t worry about nothing, turn off the light, take your can of Coke and really enjoy! 😀
I hope it…

Just an Important Point about a detail present here:
I’ll put together the Subject this Words ‘ (*ESL) ‘, always that I’m talking about Learn English Alone! Ok?
Do You know what It mean, is not?
English as a Second Language. 🙂

Because here, as a great example, I’m don’t just talking about this cartoon, but firstly, I’m talking about Learn and Improve your English. Are You understandig me?
Ok… I know you are… 😉
So, enjoy!

He-Man: Diamond Ray Of Disappearance


The People who believe in Change the World.

29 de July de 2009 Leave a comment

Yes, really there these people!
We’re often reading (or watching, listening to, so on…) something about how some people are trying to change the world.
Some people can do big things, which is necessary a lot of money…
Some people can do great things, which you don’t need spend much money, but bring to you the same result or better.
Yes, it’s really true, You don’t need do what you cannot do, You know?
Just think a lot about what you want to change, make a great plan and go ahead.

By the way, if you feel desire for do something related world a better place, don’t think, just find a lot about what you want and go ahead! It’s called: ATTITUDE! 8)

Well, go ahead for this way, I want talk about a person who are working as a Teacher.
But He isn’t a conventional teacher, He is teaching the Kids walk of Skateboard! 8)
Do you think it’s normal?
Ok… In part I agree with You…
But the more interesting; This happens in Kabul!!! 😀
Really awesome, isn’t?

So, the teacher’s name is Oliver Percovich.
He started teaching skateboarding to Afghan kids in 2007 and, since then, has been able to integrate boys and girls in the same sport activity – an outstanding feat, considering the strict gender segregation of the local culture.
This part of text above, I copied of here. 🙂
I want to avoid fatigue. 😛

Look, I think that you such read this news, also watch this movie below.
It’s really important and inspiring.
So, I’ll let you do it. 😉

O dia em que a terra parou! (Mundo Canibal)

11 de June de 2009 Leave a comment

Ow tiu…
Dá uns trocado aê!
É pra ajudar minha família…

O quêêêêêê???
Só se for família de raaato, néééé?

Comédia demais…
Play, pls… 😉

Link e Relacionados: You Tube 😉

Google Wave is Comming!

5 de June de 2009 Leave a comment

If You really like of Internet, stay major part of your time on line,
You must have listened something about this issue.
The New Service of Google Company is Comming!
Yes, there is a fact about it, I know too;
The Google will dominate the World! … But I do not knew that it would be so early.

Well, let jokes out of, the developers that company created a new Product, or Service, as you want, called Google Wave.
This new application allow us work with photos, email, instant messages, videos, so on, all together and through of one unique interface.
Sincerely, for us, that stayed much time in front of our computer Nerd and using this type of service, it will be amazing! 😀

So, I won’t go ahead with words because many informations has been published into the internet. However, if You want know everything now, you could watch the video bellow, which is complete, or find the same issue in various blogs, websites, etc, at the internet.

For finish, it will be release betimes.
Just wait! 😉

What's your fantasy?

26 de May de 2009 Leave a comment

As Fred told: (…)
It’s gonna be soo hot! 8)
Watch it… And, as I always say, improve your english! 😉

Nunca mais assaltam sua geladeira!

24 de May de 2009 Leave a comment

Oi! 😀
Esse post é dedicado à Você que mora em republica estudantil ou na casa de parentes, por exemplo, e vive tendo suas guloseimas roubadas da geladeira que nunca será sua.
Apresentamos uma receita infalível.
Preste muita atenção ao que deve ser feito.

Claro que existe a possibilidade de você personalizar o prato que é apresentado, ou até mesmo criar sua própria receita se baseando nessa, porque nem todo mundo gosta de comer a unha do dedão do pé ou os fios da palha de aço, mas fato é que você deve, na hora de preparar essa armadilha delícia, estar no auge da raiva, Ok? 😀
Então vamos lá!

Via Copia Meu Filho graças ao Ela Tá de Xico

Kindle… Failed! Sure, It's a Joke…

22 de May de 2009 Leave a comment

Do You know the New Mobile Reader of Amazon, right?
It’s called Kindle.
Well, also this information above, published in the Wikipedia, describe so much this device, Arjun Thomas, in a few words, tell us how this product can be useful.

But, it’s not always everything goes right… 😀 …
I mean that there always someone with a incredible creative for make a joke or anything like this…
Don’t you agree with me?
Ok, so look this video below…
I think that you’ll change your opinion…
rssrsrs… Very funny…

Via Open Culture

Ps: Please, I started a new phase related my studies of English. I’ll try write without Google’s Translate or any other site like it. So, if you see any mistakes in my posts, please, report it for me. You’ll help me so much this way. I thank you before anything! 😀