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Make mistakes! This is the way! (EFL)

16 de December de 2009 3 comments

Yes, it’s the great phrase…
It’s the great tip…
It’s really help you to improve your english!

I just watch a video on EnglishClub, where some people, English Foreign Learners (and Teachers), are talking about “What do you must do to improve your english skills”.
Well, this issue is related to the hardest things to do to some people. But it shouldn’t be!

Yes, I think that you cannot have fear to talk or write, for example, in other language, when you decide study about it.

If you made a choice like this, congratulations, but before that, I have to tell you, go ahead!
I mean, did you choose to study english, isn’t it?
Ok… You must do everything that you can do in english! Do you know what I mean?

If you can listen to whatever in english, go ahead… But, if you only can write in english, because your job, your children, anyway, go ahead.
But if you have luck to talk in english, also you can listen to everything, write, really participate of some virtual community, some list, for example, my fellow, go ahead! Improve you skills!

Do everything without shame or fear!
Don’t feel yourself scary when you have luck to do something in english. Go ahead!
Look beyond of you and go ahead!

By the way, I have two videos published at YouTube, where I am talking in english. 😀

One of these is really horrible… The another one is only ugly… huahuhuahua….

So, the first video that I published, recorded in september of 2009, I was talking very very slow, between other mistakes… But I did it! 😉

And at another one, published three months later, I am too much better.

Can you see?
I’m a self-student!!!
It’s really possible!!!
Go ahead! Do it yourself!!!

Then, I just came here to tell you a little bit and, If I can do it, give some advice like a student who I am, about Learn English. 🙂

Good luck for all of us!